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Memphis Grizzlies waive Josh Akognon and Derrick Byars

Was something not Akognon as planned, or are the Grizzlies just strapped for roster spots?

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that's not exactly what I expected to see today. Byars is obviously a camp body, but Akognon is someone the Grizzlies have been buzzing about for a couple of months now. All I heard about the guy was that he was killing it from the perimeter and looked like he could push for minutes because of that specific ability (which if you didn't know, was something the Grizzlies needed more of).

This might be and indication of the kind of positive development that Nick Calathes is having more than it is any sort of indictment on Akognon. The Grizzlies were already pressed near the roster limit with the signing of Mike Miller, Calathes, and the player option of Jerryd Bayless, so the waiving of Akognon could mean that they are more interested in the competition at the 3 and 4 spot.

Feel free to post farewell haikus in the comments. (with obvious h/t to the Lipe-ster)

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