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2013-14 Memphis Grizzlies Player Preview: Jon Leuer

Leuer has shown flashes early in his career that lead you to believe he has a nice future in this league as a role player. He certainly has the talent to play in the NBA. The question is can he force himself into an incredibly deep Grizzlies rotation?

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Leuer didn't do much for the Grizzlies last year. That's because he wasn't given the chance to do much. In both Cleveland and Memphis, Leuer really hasn't gotten his time to shine. With his skill set, if he becomes more consistent with his jumper, you have to think his time is coming.

Expectations for 2013-14: Could Leuer help the Grizzlies this season? I don't know. Probably. Will he? It's highly unlikely. With the addition of Kosta Koufos coupled with the Grizzlies trying to groom Ed Davis to become the team's power forward for the foreseeable future, it will be increasingly difficult for Leuer to crack the lineup. The good news about Leuer is if someone did happen to get injured, Leuer has enough talent to step in and become a valuable part of this team.

Areas to Improve: Leuer could stand to improve his jump shot. from 16-24 feet. He has value if he can sink jumpers from fourteen and fifteen feet from each corner like Udonis Haslem, but his value would be that much higher if he could add an even longer jumper to his arsenal. He should also work on his post game. Leuer is primarily a face up big man, but he has decent moves. He should try to utilize those more than he has so he isn't so predictable offensively.

Areas of Concern: What if Leuer's jump shot never improves? He might be stuck on the end of the bench for the rest of his NBA career. That would certainly be a waste of a very smart player that really utilizes his wit on the court to stay one step ahead of his opponent. Leuer clearly has the mind to understand the game very well. From here, it's all about execution.

Best-Case Scenario: For Leuer, the best-case scenario would be he somehow cracks the lineup and proves that he has become more consistent and can be a valuable role player in the Association. For the Grizzlies, the best-case is that Leuer doesn't play except during garbage time. If Leuer gets minutes outside of that, that likely means somebody in the Grizzlies front court got hurt.

Worst-Case Scenario: Leuer rarely finds his way onto the court, and his development further stagnates. The Grizzlies certainly don't want that, and I'd venture to say Leuer doesn't either.

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