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SB Nation presents The GIF Oracle

The brilliant SB Nation team of Chris Haines, Clif Reeder and Nav Shah has gone and created the astounding, the amazing ... The GIF Oracle. This is a living database that will enhance our threads and possibly make some people go insane.

Praise be to the Oracle.
Praise be to the Oracle.
Ronald Martinez

How does it work?

It's quite simple, if you would like to have THE GIF Oracle replay with a randomly generated GIF, in a comment just type in "@oracle gif me" ... without the quotation marks, obviously. For more specific GIFs, you can browse the list of GIF categories within the Oracle, and include the specific category like so, @oracle gif me (name of category). Within a few second or minutes, The GIF Oracle will reply with a perfectly trimmed GIF that will hopefully make you lol.

What are the limits?

Fortunately for us here at GBB, we don't have huge problems with GIF and image posting in threads. Yes, they can be hilarious, but a GIF happy thread will load very, very slowly for most people. As long as The GIF Oracle is used in moderation I don't foresee us having any problems.

What to look for going forward?

This will be a living database in the manner that the GIFs and GIF categories will constantly be updating. I'm sure most of you realize just how many GIFs there are out there.

Happy GIF-ing!