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TGIF Thank Griz It's Friday: Linkapalooza

A massive assemblage of Grizzlies reading that you may have missed this week.


We've made it through the week, y'all. We survived the ego-pummeling event of Wednesday night, and now we can revitalize our Grizznocity with anticipation for the home opener in the Grindhouse tonight. To further stoke the fire, I present to you a bevy of Memphis Grizzlies material for you to peruse.


To start off, an aperitif from Memphis Daily News that delves into how the Grizzlies are continuing to work their way into the DNA of the city.

For those of you who enjoy the pregame show with Pete Pranica, you may or may not be enjoying it even more now that 92.9 FM's Chris Vernon is joining the team for every home game this season. Personally, I enjoy me some Chris Vernon, but I can understand why some of you may have just thrown your television out the window.

Memphis Business Journal (always on top of Grizzlies business events) has a series of tapas that highlights the Griz' low ticket prices, the team's new local sponsor deals and a delicious video of the new wave of food being offered at FedexForum this season.

I never got around to this earlier in the week, but the Grizzlies waived all of their camp bodies they brought in this season. At least we had some guys to fill in while Tayshaun was puking up half his body.

Speaking of that wave of food, here's an extensive look at the new menu offerings that FedexForum will feature this season. We love our food here in Bluff City, and when you combine names like Kelly English, Michael Stanley and John Vergos into our mix of vending, great things will happen. The days of popcorn and hot dogs are gone (although they're still available, but now in gourmet form). I seriously just got really hungry from reading this article.

Sean Deveney at Sporting News wonders if the Grizzlies lack of change could leave them behind. Ironically, so far it's been the Grizzlies enforcing change (i.e. offensive pace) that has left them behind in the last few games.

HoopsVibe takes a look at which center reigns supreme in fantasy basketball, Marc Gasol or Dwight Howard. Whoever it is, I don't think they're on my team this year.

Our favorite tweener guard, Jay Bay, has an awesome blog update on the upcoming season and the Grizzlies new head coach, Dave Joerger. It's encouraging to get a sense of the positive energy that's flowing around this team.

Ridiculous Upside, SBN's NBA D-League coverage, asks if Tony Wroten has the skillset required to start in the NBA. I'm not sure there were ever many doubters of Wroten's skillset in Memphis (hey, we're very used to having players with no jump shot), I do think, however, that Wroten's immaturity and lack of focus might continue to prove to be a hurdle in his development. While it would be frustrating to see another Grizzlies' draft pick develop elsewhere, I'm still pulling for the guy. After all, he chose us.

In typical Grizzlies fashion, Tony Allen purchased 500 tickets to the home opener and gave them away yesterday. You a good dude, Tony.

To cap us off with a fantastical-homer-pleaser, Rant Sports gives us 5 reasons why the Grizzlies will win the 2013-14 NBA Title. Hooray!

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