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Memphis Grizzlies at Indiana Pacers Game Poll: Have the Grizzlies rectified themselves enough to compete?

The Grizzlies pulled out some slack with their performance against the Warriors over the weekend, but did they make enough headway to tie up the loose ends scattered around the roster?


Here's one thing I feel is true about the Memphis Grizzlies: Over the past few seasons, they decide to show up for the elite teams not named the San Antonio Spurs. There are some teams that will always thrive on the underdog role, and the Grizzlies are one of those squads.

Did playing teams like Detroit, Boston and New Orleans have the Grizzlies hitting their snooze buttons so they could hibernate until week 3 of the NBA season? I could see how one might make an argument for that point considering how the Grizzlies performed against the "uber improved" Golden State Warriors.

Will this game against an elite defense like Indiana's have the Grizzlies summoning the fire and passion of 20,000 Growl Towels? Or will the Pacers snuff out any spark the Grizzlies muster on the road tonight?