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Grizzlies vs Raptors Game Poll

What do you get when you combine two talented teams that are currently playing like crap? I hope it's a win for the Grizzlies, but that's for you to decide.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

As the Grizzlies tipoff against the Raptors tonight, a few questions linger in the head of many that will watch:

  • How does the lineup rotation shake out with injuries to Pondexter and Bayless?
  • What is so dysfunctional right now that causes Marc Gasol to lose his cool during games?
  • Where on earth will bench scoring come from tonight?
  • Will Ed Davis bow up and give us serious contributions against his former team?
  • Who will make their own luck?

Speaking on behalf of many Griz fans, I'd really, really like to win this game. Checkerboarding the season with wins and losses is something that the Grizzlies can overcome later on in the campaign, but if the Grizzlies start stringing together consecutive losses before they reestablish their identity, the months of December and January are going to be a lot more stressful that people would like them to be.

What's the concensus, GBB?