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Do the Grizzlies need to readopt an underdog's mentality?

People will question just about every aspect of the team after the disappointing start to the season, but one specific quality might be holding them back.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The talk of the morning is being centered around the idea that Grit n Grind has left the Grizzlies, words that came out of the Grindfather's own mouth to reporters after last night's debacle against the Raptors.

If that's the case, what happened and how can that be fixed? Or a more ultimate question, can it be fixed? Are the Grizzlies not hungry after being swept in the Western Conference Finals? Has enough of the roster become older and settled enough to extinguish that collective-competitive fire in their bellies?

I doubt it's all as dramatic as everyone, Tony Allen included, is making it out to be. Things just look so hideous right now that it's easy to slip into mayhem. Although you can argue that, even with some improvements in the execution, the Grizzlies aren't more than an average team without that ferocious, swarming presence we saw last year, I think the natural course of the season may provide the answer.

Southwest Standings

San Antonio 8 1 .888 0 Won 6
Houston 5 4 .555 3 Lost 1
Dallas 5 3 .625 2.5 Won 2
New Orleans 3 6 .333 5 Lost 3
Memphis 3 5 .375 4.5 Lost 2

(updated 11.14.2013 at 10:18 AM CST)

The Grizzlies play best as underdogs, and as they plummet through power rankings and start having their names appear in the lottery portion of 2014 NBA Mock Drafts, I believe the core of the roster will reignite and find themselves back into that tenacious mode that won them games last year. These are men of pride, regardless of how their personal lives develop.

Is that enough to get them back into championship contention? I doubt you'll hear anyone outside of Memphis talking about it, even if the team does renew their identity. But I guarantee this team will be more fun to watch once they start playing for their own pride.

Long live Grit and Grind.

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