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Grizzlies at Lakers Game Poll

Memphis has the luxury of starting this road trip against two of their easier opponents of the year, LAL and SAC. Will the Grizzlies' recent-poor play start to affect the confidence of our poll?


We've got a late game tonight, so maybe playing on the night owl shift will give the Griz some luck? Some things I'm looking for during tonight's game:

  • Sibling rivalry - I'm always a sucker for the Gasolian velitation. Isn't it Marc's turn to start dominating?
  • Continued aggression from Mike Conley
  • More aggression from Zach Randolph
  • A quicker and more confident trigger from Tayshaun Prince
  • Tony Allen only attempting to score off assisted slashing to the basket
  • Can Jerryd Bayless get back to form? Knee sprains can be nasty, and JB relies on his explosiveness

Even after nearing the point of self-immolation during and after the Raptors game, I still, for some reason, believe the Grizzlies will find that switch any game now, and transform into something that I can describe in a manner that doesn't trigger my gag reflex. I think we pulverize the Lakers tonight whilst setting a nice tone for this road trip.

What you-inz-all think?