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Grizzlies at Kings Game Poll: 'Tis a cruelty to load a falling man

Hey now, I bet this poll feels a little different after that win over the Lakers. But how much different?


This is the Grizzlies only Sunday game day of the month, and one of only eight for the entire season. Last season the Grizzlies went an incredible 6-1 on Sunday games, including their 4/7/2013 win over the Kings in Sacramento. Does this squad have some special mojo set aside for Sundays?

Here are a few things I'm watching for today:

  • How do we play Demarcus Cousins? Do we go uber physical or are we afraid of sending him to the line?
  • Will the Sacramento crowd in Sleep Train Arena disrupt the Grizzlies? On Friday, they literally broke the Guinness record for decibels from a crowd in an indoor stadium.
  • Zach Randolph: was it just a vintage flash or can he get on a production streak?
  • Tayshaun Prince: whatever.
  • Now that we're playing a team with young, spry point guards, do we see another chunk of playing time for Calathes?
  • And what are we doing with Ed Davis? I'm not criticizing, I'm just asking. He's played 8 or fewer minutes in four of the nine games this season, and was basically a healthy scratch for two of those.

This shouldn't be much of a hassle for the Grizzlies, but until I see them routinely make a non-hassle out of a soft opponent, I'm just going to stick with the word "should."

Can the Griz take down the Kings?