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Memphis Grizzlies at Dallas Mavericks: Game #3 Poll

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Last night's poll had 62% of you voting for a Grizzlies victory (with 4% for a Future victory that probably swings our way). I'm willing to bet that a mix of encouragement from last night and a the fact that we're taking a b2b visit to Texas again will have those votes tally up to something close to that for tonight, as well.

The Mavericks aren't known as a defensive team, so if the Grizzlies can build an early lead, they might not need an overtime period to put this one away. To the same point, the Mavs (like the Pistons) have plenty of players on roster that can put the ball in the hoop (or at least attempt to ... they shot 100 times against the Rockets last night). We all know how Dirk, Vince and Monta can get hot - Tony Allen will need to shut off a few water spigots on the perimeter this evening.

What do you think, GBB?