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Memphis Grizzlies Game Day Habits: What's your fancy?

We are creatures of habit, some more than others.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The Grizzlies return home tomorrow to the cozy, comfortable confines of Memphis. It's been a minute, eh? Yes, it'll have been about 13,000 minutes, to be more precise. The Grizzlies conquered the state of California, going 4-0 on a road trip that looked like a death knell this time last week when we were setting ourselves on fire after losing to Toronto.

Even with this rediscovered success away from home, there's some comforting about the Grizzlies return to the Grindhouse on Friday night. As I pondered on this sense of comfort, it got me thinking about what I'd be eating, drinking, thinking, feeling as our guys return to River City (with eating and drinking being the prioritized functions like any good Memphian). I love myself a nice bourbon or 4 and some chicken wings to accompany my Grizzlies viewing. I usually need to have all my fingernails trimmed and all my teeth flossed, because I can become orally fixated as the anxiety of games increases.

And so the conversation turns to you all. What's your beverage? Do you have a favorite meal? Do you have superstitions or traditions you uphold to will the Griz to victory? Favorite spot to watch? Favorite person or people to watch with? The Grizzlies often put the fans in some pretty intense game situations so I know there's got to be a few of you that are total-bat crazy and get into some bizarre rituals for game time.

What's your fancy for Grizzlies game days?