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Memphis Grizzlies 4th Most Affordable Option in NBA for Family of Four

Good news for Memphis fans: the total cost to attend a Grizzlies game for a family of four is $276 - about 38% below the NBA average.

Kevin C. Cox

Our friends over at Nerd Wallet recently analyzed the cost of attending 2013-14 NBA regular season games, and the Memphis Grizzlies came in as the fourth cheapest game to attend for a family of four. This metric considers the average cost of (4) tickets on the secondary market, (2) beer and (2) sodas, (4) hot dogs and (1) parking fee. 4. Memphis Grizzlies

With the fourth lowest TFC ($276), the Grizzlies present a great value for their fans. The franchise is coming off of its first appearance in the Western Conference Finals last season and should be a lock for another postseason berth this year. Therefore, the team's median ticket price of $55, about $40 less than the league average, should come as a bit of a pleasant surprise to fans. Families hoping to attend games at the FedExForum this year will enjoy below-average prices on soda and parking in addition to the relatively cheap tickets on the resale market.

You can check out all of Nerd Wallet's NBA findings in their article by Sreerkar Jasthi. It's a pretty interesting compilation of info, as you can compare the prices for all the above mentioned items at every NBA arena. Some things that stood out to me:

  • I'm jealous of San Antonio's $5 beer price.
  • When comparing the Lakers and Clippers, beer is $2 cheaper at Clips games
  • $5 parking in Cleveland? That sounds sketchy...
  • Some of the odd pricing? $7.33? $2.80? Don't even think about giving me that change.
  • $35 to park at a Heat game seems a bit ridiculous
  • They list Memphis' average ticket price at $55, but FYI you can usually get excellent seats for $30 or less

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