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Memphis Grizzlies back in the Grindhouse for the San Antonio Spurs

Momentum: is it still on our side?


The Grizzlies would be wise to not let up after their four-game-winning streak in California. Nothing is ever guaranteed versus San Antonio for the Grizzlies, and they'll need to play very cognizant, efficient basketball to have a chance at defeating the Spurs.

The Grizzlies tipoff against the Spurs at 7:00pm CST in the FedexForum in Memphis, and the game can be viewed nationally on ESPN, ESPN3 and 92.9 FM ESPN on local radio.

Recently for the Grizzlies: Four in a row, and a thrilling overtime win in Oakland against Golden State on Wednesday night. Zach Randolph has been a 20/10 juggernaut during that streak while shooting 60% from the field and only turning it over 4 times. Tayshaun Prince has recovered from his preseason stomach bug, and while he's not shooting particularly well, he's hitting big shots at key moments and playing very heady basketball in general.

Recently for the Spurs: What else? They're 10-1 with eight wins in a row, albeit over less than stellar competition. The Spurs are scoring plenty of points on the road this season with all the usual suspects contributing and firing on all cylinders. San Antonio will have to deal with a pesky Tony Allen who is returning from his 1 game suspension. The Grindfather might be able to cause some problems if he can harness his emotions.

Last time they met: Ugh, we won't talk about the plays. The last regular season meeting was on 4/1/2013, and Mike Conley hit a clutch layup with 0.6 seconds remaining to clinch a 92-90 win for the Grizzlies in Memphis. ZBo was in his April funk, so the Griz were led by Mike Conley and then Jerryd Bayless off the bench. We'll see if this season's version of Randolph will be more effective in a home bout with the Spurs, but the Grizzlies will *cue beating of dead horse* need to hit perimeter shots to give ZBo and Gasol a chance to get in rhythm.

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