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Grizzlies vs Spurs Game Poll: Learning from Mistakes

Can the Grizzlies apply what they know about the Spurs' ability to own them and turn the tides in this Southwest division rivalry?


In spite of the ballyhooed 2011 playoff series won by the Grizzlies, Memphis has not beaten San Antonio more than twice in a regular season since the 2004-05 campaign. Even that window of success was sandwiched between a playoff sweeping by and a 7-game regular season losing streak to the Spurs. And don't even look back to the early years, where San Antonio completely drilled the Grizzlies for 21 straight games.

Southwest Standings

San Antonio 10 1 .909 0 Won 8
Houston 8 5 .615 3 Lost 1
Dallas 8 4 .666 2.5 Won 3
Memphis 7 5 .583 3.5 Won 4
New Orleans 5 6 .454 5 Won 2

(updated 11.22.2013 at 1:31 PM CST)

Well sheesh, I'm not trying to depress you, Griz fans. We can still look to some of the guiding principles of that 2011 series, and there's still always the chance that age starts to finally play a factor in this matchup. I'm just hoping that our own "oldies" aren't in their late 30's when that finally happens.

My intuition says that the Spurs will come out and play us precisely how they were in the Western Conference Finals, why deviate from that, right? I predict that Popovich will wait to react to what Joerger brings out of the gate, and who knows what that will really be at this point.

I'd hope and imagine it's something very similar to what we saw from the Grizzlies in California. Pounding it inside with a mixture of better ball movement and timely three-pointers. So in essence, yet again, a victory for Memphis will come down to perimeter shooting, both in their ability to execute it and defend it.

What doth thou say?

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