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Mike Conley helps convince Dave Joerger to get back to old ways

USA Today has a great piece up where he highlights a conversation with Conley about the Grizzlies settling into a rhythm.

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Is that what you were talking about, Mike?
Is that what you were talking about, Mike?
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Sam Amick at USA Today has a great piece up about the Grizzlies "getting back to Grit and Grind" under Dave Joerger. He outlines some of the issues the Grizzlies have had as well as some of the fan reaction to the rough start. Most interestingly, there is a candid bit from Mike Conley that fully sheds light on exactly what was going on in those first 8 games:

It took us some time because we tried to change (the offense) and I don't think it really (worked). We went fast, and I think we got a little bit out of control for everybody. We're still playing a little bit quicker, but when we get to our offensive sets, we're able to slow it down to a pace that's better for our bigs, and it's working.

We knew that there were some plays from last year that we probably should keep. They're still working, so why not keep using them? They just hadn't been put in yet. We were going through a whole new set of plays, and I think it was just easier to just jump into something that we knew. ... After three or four games, we started to adjust and to get a little bit of old Grizzlies back in there.

This explains some of that fire we saw from Conley in those rough games. This is his team and he's ready to lead it. More importantly, he has a relationship with the head coach that allows him to take on a leadership role while still maintaining his calm demeanor.

(hat tip to BluesCityJoe for bringing this to our attention!)

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