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Grizzlies' Jerryd Bayless could join German National Team if Nowitzki plays

The intrigue of Jerryd Bayless never ceases to amaze me.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

HOOPSWORLD reports, in an exclusive interview with SPORT 1, that Jerryd Bayless discussed the possibility of playing for Germany if Dirk Nowitzski was able to play as well.

SPORT1: Mr. Bayless, your mother was born in Berlin. Would you really interested to play for Germany?

Jerryd Bayless: Basically, yes. If Dirk Nowitzki plays, I would be interested also to play. Let's see how the season is going on.

Well, who knew? We were aware of Bayless' upbringing in Arizona, but turns out his mother's background will allow him to join the German National Team. It would be interesting to see Dirk and Bayless playing together, and undoubtedly give a boost to the German competition.

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