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Joe Mullinax on the Phil Naessens Show

I had the opportunity to go on the Phil Naessens show to talk the Marc Gasol injury, recap the Spurs game and preview tonight's match-up against the Rockets. Give it a listen, won't you?

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Kosta Koufos' value just went through the roof.
Kosta Koufos' value just went through the roof.
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

I went on with Phil Naessens of "The Phil Naessens Show" to discuss multiple Grizzly items of note, including the injury to Marc Gasol, the emergence of Mike Conley and to preview this evening's contest against the Houston Dwightmares Rockets. I also got the chance to reference a couple great Grizzly Bear Blues works along the way and relive the not so good memories from Friday night against the Spurs.

In regards to the Gasol injury, we talked a good bit about Kosta Koufos, his impact on the team and how awesome the trade with Darrell Arthur looks at this moment. Kosta, while not Marc Gasol, is certainly not a "glorified D-Leaguer" as an apparently awful NBA scout said here. (I am looking at you, scout #3.) He will be able to tread water at the position. The Grizzlies need more production out of their wings is they hope to survive this Gasol-less portion of their schedule.

The link to the show is below, give it a listen. I would recommend you make it a regular part of your listening schedule; even when the topics aren't Grizzly related (they are more than most other outlets, Kevin Lipe of the Memphis Flyer is another regular guest) Phil covers all sorts of sports related items, from football to fantasy sports to baseball. Phil comments on this site a good bit and does a tremendous job with the program. I am looking forward to the next time I am on the show.