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The GBB Fantasy Report

In this installment of the Grizzly Bear Blues Fantasy Report, "The Battle of the Blues" gets even more intense, players to pick up on the waiver wire and a Grizzly to watch.

Coach Joerger isn't the only one depending on Kosta Koufos for the next month or so...
Coach Joerger isn't the only one depending on Kosta Koufos for the next month or so...
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Since the last time we spoke in the Report, the cream has begun to rise to the top in "The Battle of the Blues." There are seven teams competing for six spots; currently, Marcus Privitt leads the GBB division called "Grind" at 3-1 while my squad, "Do it for MulliGrizz", GBB reader entry AJones931's "Cap'n Jones" and Matt "TheReal" Hrdlicka's "My Team is MY TEAM" are all also 3-1. On the Three Shades of Blue side, the "Grit" division, Josh Red Coleman's @3SOB currently leads while Chip Crain's "Chip Shots" and Steve Danziger's "Pondexter's Lab" are also sitting at 3-1. After those seven teams, the rest of the league either sits at 1-3 or 0-4.

It is certainly still early, but if Jonathan May, Katee Forbis, Daniel Barrach and our own Tristy and Chris Faulkner want to get back in the hunt, it will have to start soon. Key match-ups this week include Chris Faulkner's "Thabeet's Little Toe" vs. Hrdlicka and Danziger vs. Coleman with 1st place in the 3SOB division on the line.

Fantasy Stud of the Past 2 Weeks:

Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans and Hrdlicka's "My Team is MY TEAM"- Over the past 2 weeks, Davis has averaged 19 points and 10 rebounds on 55% shooting from the field, 79% shooting from the free throw line, 2 assists, 1.5 steals and 4 blocks per game. 4. BLOCKS. PER. GAME. Roy Hibbert is averaging 4.3 per game in the same span but does not have nearly the offensive numbers that Davis does. Anthony Davis is having an MVP caliber start to the season, and Matt Hrdlicka is currently reaping the benefits.

Fantasy Dud of the Past 2 Weeks:

Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs and Crain's "Chip Shots"- Tim Duncan's recent struggles have been discussed a good bit, both on this site in the Spurs game preview and elsewhere. When you look at his fantasy stats, the struggle is even more evident; he is still a decent source of rebounds (9.2 a game the past 2 weeks) and blocks (2 per game) but when it comes to points and scoring percentage, he has been a massive let down. The past 2 weeks he has shot 33% overall and have averaged 9 points a game. This is not bad point production from, say, Robin Lopez of the Trailblazers. Folks did not draft Tim Duncan to be Robin Lopez role player type, though, they drafted him to be one of the top bigs in the NBA.

The percentage is awful for anyone, and hopefully Duncan gets it turned around. You hate to see a classy player that has been as good as Duncan struggle so much.

Waiver Wire Pickups: Finding Diamonds in the Rough

The following are players that are available in over half of YAHOO! Fantasy Basketball leagues and may be able to help you now and through the season as potential role players on good fantasy teams:

Glen Davis, Orlando Magic: "Big Baby" just came off the injury list and is available in 74% of leagues. In his first game back scored 20 points and grabbed 5 rebounds. He is a possible trade piece for the Magic, so his role may change if shipped to a contender, where he is likely a bench player. On this Magic team, however, he will be a good source for points and percentages out of the PF position.

Corey Brewer, Minnesota Timberwolves: The starting SF for the T' Wolves is not the main offensive focus, obviously. Kevin Love and Kevin Martin have been lighting it up for Minnesota all season long. Brewer is obtainable in a little over half of leagues, however, and I have said in previous reports that when it comes to waiver wire pick-ups, you are looking for minutes. Brewer has averaged 15 points on 48% shooting and 2 steals a night for Minny, and that is quite nice as a role player on any fantasy squad. Add him if he's available in your league.

Kirk Hinrich, Chicago Bulls: Hinrich will be extremely valuable going forward with Derrick Rose out after surgery on a torn meniscus. He will likely be a decent source of three pointers, steals and assists going forward on a Bulls team in need of a distributing PG who can get teammates involved. It will be scoring by committee led by Luol Deng and Carlos Boozer in Chi-town, and Hinrich will fit well in a third or fourth scoring option at the point guard position, as long as he can stay healthy.

A Grizzly to Watch For: Kosta Koufos

This one basically goes without saying for Grizzlies fans. From a playing perspective, Kosta Koufos will be looked upon to at least tread water in the starting center spot until Marc Gasol returns from his Grade 2 MCL sprain. From a fantasy perspective, Koufos will likely see not just his minutes but also his rebounding and blocks go up. Koufos was one of the top rebounders per 36 minutes last season as a starting center for the Denver Nuggets and should see his current 4.6 RPG go up a good bit.

Koufos will also be a solid source of assists and blocks from the center position; Koufos will likely see some looks in the high post much like Marc does. Not nearly as much, because he is not the threat from the elbow that Big Spain is, but he will likely be able to get a couple assists a game, as well as a couple blocks. I have added Koufos in my league where I own Marc, and if you are still recovering from a Gasol-less month or so I would recommend you do the same.

Until December 9th and the next installment of the Fantasy Report, I bid you good luck and good health in both life and fantasy basketball.

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