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Marc Gasol could possibly return to the Grizzlies within a month

So now you know why the day is called Thanksgiving, Grizzlies fans!

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

Reports are coming out today that Grizzlies All-Star, Marc Gasol, could return in as few as 3-4 weeks from the recent MCL sprain in his left knee. This comes as immensely relieving news to Grizzlies fans who were preparing to watch Memphis play without Gasol for up to 10 weeks.

Maybe it's the Spanish diet?

Maybe Marc Gasol does ingest small village children to expedite his body's healing process?

Maybe he's just a hell of a lot tougher than anyone really knows?

Whichever scenario, Grizzlies fans should feel better about the remainder of the 2013-14 NBA season today. The Grizzlies showed that they can possibly win games without Gasol when they took down the Celtics in Boston on Wednesday, but there were few people contesting the idea that the Grizzlies would struggle against top competition without him.

We've come a long ways since Gasol went down vs San Antonio and we speculated about a torn ACL and the Griz playing the entire season without their All-Star center.

As it stands now, Marc could end up returning to action before Christmas, and while it's not the most glamorous of holiday news for Grizzlies' fans, if things play out as reported Memphis could end up with a very Merry Christmas.