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Fantasy Basketball Report from Grizzly Bear Blues

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In this edition of the Report, we check in on "The Battle of the Blues", take a look at possible buy low and sell high targets and talk about our Grizzly to watch.


"The Battle of the Blues" Update

The past couple of weeks in "The Battle of the Blues" have been interesting, as one team has begun to separate themselves from the proverbial pack. Grizzly Bear Blues reader AJones931 and their team Cap'n Jones is currently 5-1 after defeating the now 1-5 NBKay Jam, run by Katee Forbis of 3SOB. AJones931 is currently leading the GBB division and the entire league. Behind him is basically the field, as there are 8 teams with either a 4-2, 3-2-1 or 3-3 record.

There were several good match-ups this past week, for example. @3SOB, run by Joshua Red Coleman of Three Shades of Blue, lost a tough one to yours truly and "Do it for MulliGrizz" by literally one three point shot. @3SOB beat "Do it for MulliGrizz" by one steal, so it evens out in one of the closest match-ups of the young season.

I say "one of the closest" because there was a tie in the "Battle of the Blues" this week. Matt "The Real" Hrdlicka's "My Team is My Team" tied 3SOB writer Steve Danziger's "Pondexter's Lab." 3SOB's reader representative Daniel Barrach and his team "The Great Grindfather" pulled out their second win in a row this week against our Marcus Privitt. He then went on to trash talk me on Twitter...

So far so good Daniel, keep up the good work, you are back in the hunt for sure.

Rounding out this past weeks action, Jonathan May of 3SOB's "@jmay11" beat Chip Crain's "Chip Shots" for his first win of the season. After a rough start to the season, Jmay may be positioning himself for a run. Finally, our managing editor Chris Faulkner's squad "Thabeet's Little Toe" beat the only winless team in the league, Tristy's "Chalmanders." 0-6. Not very good. Hopefully the mighty "Chalmanders" can recover.

Fantasy Stud of the Report:

Kevin Durant of Jonathan May's "@jmay11"

Durant is simply a monster. Over the past 2 weeks, he is averaging 29 points on 50% shooting from the field, 92% shooting from the free throw line and over a three point shot per game. In addition, he is averaging 10 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 blocks and a steal. That is phenomenal to above average production across 8 of the 9 categories (he is averaging 3 turnovers per game.) If JMay has any reason to believe he can rebound from this slow start, it starts with Durant.

Fantasy Dud of the Report:

Josh Smith of Marcus Privittt's "@mprivittsbn"

Holy moly. Where to begin. Smith is drastically underperforming for the Detroit Pistons. The past 2 weeks, Smith is averaging 13 points per game on 37% shooting. He is shooting 46% from the free throw line during this time span, and even though he is averaging 8 rebounds, 4 assists, a steal and a block, the shooting numbers are just to low for a player held with such value. Smith is likely playing out of position a bit in Detroit, but until Greg Monroe is traded he will continue to be playing the 3 position in Detroit, and struggle in the process.

Wheeling and Dealing

I am currently in four fantasy basketball leagues, and one of my favorite aspects of playing fantasy basketball is trades. I am constantly trying to get maximum value out of my players, whether it is through playing them or trading them for what I perceive as upgrades. It is a great time for selling high and buying low; some players are red hot and playing unsustainable ball, while others are struggling so mightily that things have to improve. Here are some "buy low" and "sell high" candidates.

Buy Low- Kyrie Irving, Cleveland Cavaliers

It gets no lower than being held scoreless, as Kyrie has been recently. While Irving has been disappointing at times, he is still the Cavaliers' best player and will likely rebound from the slump he has been in. Owners are likely frustrated with his poor play; send an offer to them that will measure their interest.

Sell High- Spencer Hawes, Philadelphia 76ers

While Hawes has been tremendous so far this season, he is remarkably over his career averages. So much so that his level of current success is not quite sustainable. Add on the fact that he is a possible trade target to a contending team that would likely have him as their third big off the bench, thus limiting his minutes, it may be time to cut ties with a solid source of rebounding and three pointers made, a rare combination.

Buy Low- Rudy Gay, Sacramento Kings

Before you start heaving vegetables at me, hear me out. With Hawes, we discussed how he cannot sustain his recent level of success. With Rudy, you can argue he cannot sustain his recent level of inefficiency. His current shooting percentage is 39%; his career average is 45%. Call it even and say he will get up to 41% or 42% by the time the season is over; his current 19 points per game will likely go up some. He also continues to have a career best rebounding season, and that number will likely increase amid multiple media reports that Rudy Gay will be the starting power forward for the Kings.

He could possibly be had for the fantasy basketball equivalent of a ham sandwich, as a friend of mine says. It is worth finding out.

Sell High- Arron Afflalo, Orlando Magic

See Hawes, Spencer. His 22 points per game is more than double his career average, and his current three point shooting percentage of 44% is more than 5% better than his career average. This is not to say Afflalo won't continue to be successful; his numbers will go down, but not a ton, especially on this Magic team. Afflalo is a big trade target, however, and if he were shipped to, say, the Miami Heat? His value would take a tumble. Worth trying to move him now while he is at his peak; the Magic are probably thinking the same thing.

A Grizzly to Watch- Jerryd Bayless

Along the lines of Irving and Gay, JB cannot possibly be this bad. With the possibility that Quincy Pondexter could be lost for the season, Bayless' minutes and role may have increased even more. If you are in a pinch on the waiver wire, consider giving JB an add. The Grizzlies will be playing more games coming up, so JB will likely be a source of points, if nothing else.

Honorable mention as a buy low candidate is Zach Randolph; Zach is struggling as of late with injury and without Marc Gasol. Z-Bo is a solid rebounder and scorer when healthy and could be had for cheap in trade.

If you have any fantasy questions, tweet me at @joemullinax. Happy to help!