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Zach Randolph responds to trade rumors: There Ain't No Loyalty in this Game

Fran Blinebury reports from the Grizzlies shoot-around in New Orleans yesterday.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

I look at it like this: I understand it's a business. I really do understand that. This is a small market team and money plays a factor. I understand all that. It's different now. I don't know if it's just changes in (salary cap) rules or just a change in the way of the world. Like I said, it's a business.

But yeah, it bothers me. It hurts a little bit. I can't deny that. But it goes to show you that there ain't no loyalty in this game. It seems like you only get loyalty in certain organizations. You see it in winning organizations like the Spurs, the Lakers, the Heat.


That's just a snippet from ZBo's response to the Ryan Anderson trade rumors up on the Hang Time Blog at And to no one's surprise, Zach has his feelings a bit hurt from the trade rumors.

This comes as a result of several ingredients: A) Zach loves it in Memphis and wants to retire here, B) the disappoint of this present NBA season that will probably end without championship aspirations is setting in, and C) Zach is probably tired of city-hopping and developing all the new relationships that comes with it (a big issue when you live a wealthy, celebrity lifestyle).

This is where I want to be and where I want to stay. All I can do is make that clear. But it's a business and it ain't my call.


But Zach knew this day could possibly come; he just thought it would be next season after the Grizzlies took another shot at the Western Conference Finals+. Nobody could foresee the rash of injuries that would hit the Griz this fall.

It's unfortunate that year #2 of Pera/Levien/Hollinger/Lash could culminate with another sloppy divorce that polarizes the fanbase once again. You know that brain trust is ever vigilant for the future success of the franchise, and Zach brings up the point that successful teams try to keep their big name players around to retire with the franchise.

Here's the awkward moment - I think the Grizzlies are probably along the same ilk as the franchises ZBo mentions. I think they want to provide loyalty to some of their best players and keep them around for their whole careers. I just think that they might show that loyalty to the players that started their careers here.

That'd be Marc Gasol and Mike Conley for those keeping track.

(hat tip to Kwhittington for bringing this to our attention. Check out his FanPost on it!)