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Grizzly Bear Blues Grind Prophecies: The Weak Links that Break the Chain

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With the Grizzlies down Marc Gasol and Quincy Pondexter, it's becoming more paramount that the Grizzlies play an even and balanced game.

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Twenty-three. That's the number of quarters in which the Grizzlies have scored 19 or fewer points this season, and don't fool yourselves, a lot of those are closer to 10 than they are 19. Most of these abominations are coming in the first halves of games, as the Grizzlies currently sit dead last in first half points in the NBA (43.6).

This has long been a habit of the Grizzlies, and though I'm not sure how often it plagues other NBA teams, given the Grizzlies position at the bottom of nearly every offensive statistic I'd say that other teams probably don't experience it quite as often.

During last season's fierce reign of the Grizzlies shutdown defense, this wasn't so much a problem. If Memphis put up a quarter of scoring in the teens, the Grizzlies had the ability to amplify their defense and balance the scales, usually leaving the opponent with an abysmal quarter or two.

Without Marc Gasol, and even before his injury to some degree, this rendition of the Memphis Grizzlies cannot overcome those offensive lapses. Maybe it's scheming, maybe it's age, maybe it's one less iota of a degree of passion. Whatever it may be, it's taken away an enormously valuable weapon of the Grizzlies: that ability to defy the odds.

We're normal; we're just like everyone else now. We can still win games, but we have to do it with a less volatile and more balanced approach to scoring. Case in point, the Grizzlies scored 11 points in the 3rd quarter against the Pelicans this weekend, and even with bookend 34 and 33 point 1st and 4th quarters the Grizzlies could not muster enough momentum to make it an honest contest at the end of the game.

Just please hit that 20 mark every period. That's 10 FGs, or 7 FGs and 6 FTs, or dozens of other combinations and permutations. Good things will happen when the Grizzlies don't handicap themselves.

PS: Please keep giving Jon Leuer minutes.

The Grindmaster for last game (at Pelicans) is split between Jon Leuer and Mike Conley.

  1. Game Score and Winner (correct predictions receive 3 points, if no correct predictions, 1 point awarded to member(s) with closest differential)
  2. The Grindmaster (3 points awarded to correct predictions; if Grindmaster title is split between 2 or more players, 2 points go to each member who predicted one of those players)
  3. Will the Grizzlies score 19 or fewer points in a quarter? Yes or No. (3 points awarded to correct predictions; zero points awarded for incorrect predictions)
  4. How many points will Jon Leuer score? (3 points awarded to correct predictions; 1 point awarded to the member(s) closest without going over)

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