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Mike Conley out against the Los Angeles Lakers

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Mike didn't participate in shoot-around today and is listed as out for the game tonight.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Boo hoo. This game won't be nearly as fun to watch now.

Or will it? Jerryd Bayless is one of those mercurial players who can explode for 30 or implode for 0. He just may have a chance tonight as he goes up against a 3,500 year old Kobe Bryant with one leg, but I also can't rule out a 3/14 outing from the floor. Fingers crossed for you, Yella Yella.

Oh ... my.

Does anyone want to project what four games without Mike Conley will look like? I don't have the stomach to try at the moment. #SantaBringUsDeerAntlerSpray

Mike Conley talks about his injury (via CAGrizBlog)