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Grizzlies Zach Randolph is questionable to play against Phoenix Suns

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Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Randolph sat out the Grizzlies last contest vs. the Nets on Saturday night with an "ingrown toenail," or the removal of said ingrown toenail, rather. For those of you that are unfamiliar with ingrown toenails, they usually end up on your big toe, they hurt and annoy like the dickens, and the quickest remedy is to have a doctor literally cut the ingrown part of the nail out of the toe.

In other words, it's minor surgery, so there can naturally be some complications. Rob Fischer is reporting this afternoon that that could be the case with ZBo's toe.

While this leaves Randolph "questionable" for tomorrow's game against the Phoenix Suns, my experience with ingrown toenails tells me that his "questionable" is probably leaning more towards doubtful than it is probable.

For those of you who watched the Nets game on Saturday, you know this is a very disappointing development. And we're not playing a 4-12 team without two of their All-Stars, the Grizzlies are taking on a Suns team that is unexpectedly 9-8 and averaging 8 more points per game than the Griz.

Get well soon, Zach. Get well soon. (You too, Marc).