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Marc Gasol could return to the court for the Grizzlies in two weeks

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Spectacular news broke on the Twitter today. Early Christmas gift jokes and all that aside, I'm very happy right now.

Andy Lyons

Chris Vernon was the bearer of the glorious news last night.

The reputation that Marc Gasol has developed as an iron man is being cemented even further. I think it might really take the paralyzation of both of his legs to keep him off the basketball court for more than a couple of months.

So by Marc's estimate he'll be back for the January 2nd road game against Phoenix. By the doctor's estimate, the January 12th home game vs. Atlanta. If we split the difference, it comes out to something interesting...

January 7th at home against the Spurs - the exact same scenario during which we last saw Marc Gasol play NBA basketball before injuring his knee and sending the Grizzlies season into a tailspin.

Either which a way, folks, we're not too far off from seeing Memphis' favorite Grizzly back on the court.