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Memphis Grizzlies Grind Down the Utah Jazz for a Festivus Win

The Grizzlies picked up only their sixth home win of the season Monday night over Utah. I got so excited, I decided to go back to the rhyming well. I'm so sorry...

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Twas the night before the night before Christmas, and all through the bluff
The Grit and Grind Grizzlies were strutting their stuff.
All over the court roamed our beloved Beale Street Bears,
In hopes that a victory soon would be theirs.

The fans were nestled into their seats at the Fed
While visions of the little redheaded girl danced in my head.
My brother in his grizz jacket, me in my suit
Prepared for the victory that we knew was en route.

Now out on the court there arose such a commotion
As the Grizzlies were playing with heart and emotion
And they brought all the noise and then brought the funk
From James Johnson blocks to Jon Leuer dunks.

And as the points of the Jazz continued to grow
They rode the broad, mighty shoulders of our dear friend ZBo.
With his team needing wins to get back to the playoff bubble
The big fella chipped in with a near triple-double.

With a little jab-step, so lively and quick
And Z-Bounds galore with a touch that's so slick.
More rapid than eagles, his buckets they came
As the crowd whistled and shouted, and chanted his name.

Go Zach, Go Mike, James Johnson and Tony
And Kosta, and Ed, and my man, Farmer's Only.
From the corner of the court, to the top of the key
Now rain down, yes rain down, oh rain down the 3's.

And flat jumpers that before would brick off the rim,
From the hand of JB were now going in.
So hot was his hand, you could tell that he felt it,
He must have thought he was facing the Celtics.

And then, on the bench, you could hear a loud thump
As up and down with excitement each player did jump.
And each time back on offense he'd come back around
He'd hoist up more shots and keep knocking them down.

And the Grizzlies would lead, and own each end of the floor
Til the buzzer showed them win 104-94.
A couple of wins, they've now strung in a row
And it appears as if up is a place they might go.

The fans, how they clamored, as they left in a hurry
And wondered with all these 3's if they needed Seth Curry.
Their droll little mouths all drawn up like a bow,
As to their cars they got in and then headed home.

The win pulls the Grizzlies to twelve and fifteen
And the cusp of a .500 record can again now be seen.
One game at a time, every day keep improvin'
And set your sights on a win for their next game in Houston.

The Grizzlies fought hard, the victory earned
Despite the talent of the team over whom it occurred.
Their play was inspired, and the team rallied 'round
A familiar identity it seems they have found.

Yes these wins give us joy, and the positive signs
Offer a glimmer of hope like a ray of sunshine.
Spefically ZBo, who would not be encumbered
As he filled up the stat sheet with all kinds of numbers.

I'll wrap up this piece, as I'm sure it's so lame
I can hear you all groaning and cursing my name.
But one more rhyming pun, before I take my leave from this site,
Merry Grizzmas to all, and to all a goodnight.