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Memphis Grizzlies actively looking to trade for wing athleticism

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James Johnson has been productive since the Grizzlies signed him off the D-League, but Memphis isn't standing pat on their wing-player situation.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Ken Berger, NBA insider at CBS Sports, has an interesting piece up on the Grizzlies and how they are having to adapt their plans amidst a very competitive Western Conference. And considering his status as an insider, it's worth noting this snippet from Berger:

League sources say they're active in trade discussions that would inject some wing athleticism into the mix and improve the team.

While this isn't exactly news (see injuries to and/or age of Quincy Pondexter, Tayshaun Prince and Mike Miller), it's clear that things are indeed moving in a different direction, and the Grizzlies roster is likely to look a bit different when February rolls around.