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Happy Zach Randolph Day to Memphis, Tennessee!

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Kevin C. Cox

12-27-2013 in Memphis, TN. The first official Zach Randolph Day.

Some of the cynics around the country make laugh and scoff at the notion that an NBA player deserves their own "day" in anywhere but their hometown (and a small, rural hometown). But this is just one of the many characteristics that make Memphis a special place (and special can have many different positive and negative connotations).

Zach Randolph is a special guy that needs a special city, and Memphis has now placed him into the elite and permanent celebrity of the history and culture of the city. There have been many great people put their mark on the city of Memphis, but I can't think of a contemporary more deserving of this honor than ZBo.

I raise my glass to you, Mr. Randolph! And since it's Friday in Memphis, TN I'll be filling up that glass a bit earlier than usual. To #50!