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Chef Kelly English's offering to debut in FedexForum tonight when Grizzlies host the Suns

The Grizzlies might be struggling to find their way without Marc Gasol, but things just got a lot more delicious inside the Grindhouse.


First off, I want to let anyone in or near Memphis know that if they haven't taken the plunge and eaten at Chef Kelly's Restaurant Iris on Monroe Ave in Midtown, you could be missing out on a meal that will have you wanting to learn how to lucid dream so you can experience it again every night when you sleep.

It's very serious, and beyond amazing. Here's their Lobster Knuckle Sandwich (swoon):


The man is a culinary genius by my accounts, and the city of Memphis is very fortunate to now have him deeply rooted in the culture of the town. Starting tonight, December 3rd, the Memphis Grizzlies have the honor of Chef English overseeing the kitchen in the Lexus Lounge (available to suite holders, courtside and floor seating). His fare can also be found in the Fly Lounge, the FedexForum's new pre- and postgame destination inside the Grand Lobby.

If the high-end of the culinary spectrum isn't in your game plan, you can still head over to The Crossroads concessions found in section 104 and 210. Crossroads will feature food from Chef English's new restaurant, The Second Line (adjacent to Restaurant Iris). This includes more casual, "put up your elbows and eat" selections like his famous po'boys.

The FedexForum has evolved past popcorn, hot dogs and pretzels. Now let's hope the Grizzlies evolve past a .500 record. Go Grizzlies!