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Grizzlies vs. Suns: Walk in the Door for $3.60

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Memphis is known for having some of the most accessible ticket prices in the NBA. I'm willing to bet their admission prices will be hard to beat this evening against Phoenix.

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See the empty seats? You can fill them for pennies.
See the empty seats? You can fill them for pennies.

Three dollars and sixty cents.

That's cheaper than nearly any value meal and any fast food restaurant. During the summer it's right around the price for one gallon of gasoline. It's half the price of a child's admission to a movie theater. You could buy two tickets to tonight's game vs. the Suns before you could pay for one child to go see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!

Here's how - visit for a huge selection of affordable tickets to tonight's game.


Tickets can also be had at the official website for around $13 a piece: