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Quick Recap: bigs propel Grizzlies past Suns, 110-91

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After struggling to find any semblance of success since Marc Gasol, and more recently, Zach Randolph went down, the Grizzlies got their best team win of the season to date against the surging Suns.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The Grizzlies struggles have been well documented without both Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph, but their replacements, Ed Davis, Jon Leuer, and Kosta Koufos, all had monstrous games against the Suns. Two of the three, Davis and Koufos had double-doubles, and Leuer was just one rebound short of joining them. All three played out of their mind, and although it's not likely that they will repeat that performance any time soon, it was incredible to watch.

Davis looked strong from the get go. He was aggressive with the ball in his hands, and he had a bevy of nice paint touches sprinkled in with a couple made jump shots. Joerger continues to put Davis in situations where he feels comfortable, and as the games have gone on with Gasol and Randolph out of the lineup, Davis has gained an enormous amout of confidence, which will certainly be helpful when the two key cogs return.

I have the Advil running through me right now I don't feel nothing -Tony Allen on playing through his injury

Leuer was hot offensively, hitting seemingly every shot he took. 11 of his 23 points came in the fourth quarter. Also of note, he had three dunks, which is something we might not see the rest of the season. He was tenacious on the glass, too. It's a shame he couldn't grab one more rebound to give him a double-double.

As for Koufos, he did what he does best, grabbing 3 offensive rebounds (12 total), leading to some easy buckets for him. His game wasn't as flashy as Davis or Leuer's, but he played a huge part in the win.

Although the frontcourt dazzled, The backcourt deserves praise as well. Conley was an assist machine, setting the three aforementioned bigs up with easy looks all night long. He finished with 18 points and 14 assists. Additionally, he led the Grizzlies with a ridiculous +/- of 29. Allen gave fans a scare in the second quarter, going down in pain before leaving the court. However, he reentered the game in the third quarter, and all seems fine. Allen shot the mid-range jumper well, and he continues to demonstrate the marked improvement he's made in that area (shooting).

All in all, it was the Grizzlies night, particularly when the second half starts. When Tayshaun Prince hit a deep fadeaway jumper with the clock expiring, you knew it was the Grizzlies night. Memphis faces a much stiffer test Thursday night against the Los Angeles Clippers, but a win against a surging, probably over-performing Suns team is still impressive.