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Memphis Grizzlies Cocktails Recipes for New Year's Eve

GBB has all the libations you need for your New Year's Eve!

Julian Finney
Auld Lang Griz!

Things finally seem headed in the right direction in Grizzly land. So what better way to continue it with some Grizzlies themed cocktails for your New Year's Eve parties!

Joerger Bomb:
  • 1 part Jagermeister
  • 1 part unresponded text messages to Lionel Hollins
  • 1 part email correspondence with Mike Woodson about how mean their players are
  • Stir and serve in a chilled glass, covered in neon green satin.
The Hollywood Killer:
  • 1 part Grit
  • 1 part Grind
  • 1 part chopped sneaker to face
  • Serve over ice and donate to charity
Tayshot of Prince:
  • Pound a beer
  • Attempt a long two into trash can
  • Miss trashcan
  • Hang head
The Pre-Johnson:
  • Open a bottle of bourbon
  • Mix in various injured ligaments and tendons
  • Shake well
  • Drink entire bottle
  • Cry
  • Pass Out
  • 1 part diced headband
  • 2 parts sweat
  • Pour from the peak height of Zbo's vertical leap - so, 4 inches

The Body The Blood The Machine

  • 1 repurposed Allen Iverson jersey
  • Mull in room temperature with Demon Deacon spices
  • Serve in chalice as the spirit of our Savior.