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Grizzlies vs. Clippers: Crowdsourcing Questions and Answers

Before the Griz host the LA Clippers tomorrow night, I'd like to give you all a chance to offer up some questions on the matter to Steve Perrin of SBN's Clips Nation. Leave your best questions in the comments below and Steve will select a nice crop to answer before tomorrow night's game.


As the Grizzlies near the halfway point of their six-game home stand, Memphis gears up for another huge Wester Conference rivalry in the Grindhouse. We know these guys well, the same way they know us, but what would you like to ask a premier aficionado of the LA Clippers? You've got a whole, entire day to come up with the questions to find the answers you seek!

Steve Perrin of SB Nation's Clips Nation blog is a great guy with a great NBA mind who has helped me in many ways to acclimate to running this site. He knows his stuff, and he's looking for the very best from GBB to help build the anticipation for Thursday night.

While this game will notch another meeting of two teams that hate each other, please remember to be kind and respectful to Steve for this Q&A. We all hate the Clippers, but Steve does not deserve sucker punches or lame jokes (or even good ones) for this session.

In other words, let's use this opportunity to learn something about our upcoming opponent rather than make Blake Griffin KIA jokes and asking things like, "Does CP3 flop in his sleep?" Just like Steve is keeping his crew at Clips Nation from going the route of "Why is Marc Gasol still fat?" or "What's ZBo's favorite strip club?"

Save the jokes and jabs for the GameThreads, and let's use this time with Steve to figure out what we're up against in the Clippers.