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Grizzlies' Zach Randolph sounds likely to play against the Clippers

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Rob Fischer (@thefishnation) spoke with Zach Randolph at the team shoot around today. What did Zach say about tonight's game vs. the Clippers?

Andy Lyons

We know ZBo can take it a little easy in the month of April, sometimes, but in true Grit'n'Grind fashion, it looks like the All-Star power forward might be up to the occasion tonight.

This is obviously very comforting news to Grizzlies fans, and Zach should be commended if he plays and performs tonight. A quick internet search will give you the idea that ingrown toenail removal takes a solid 1-2 weeks to fully recover from, a bit longer than the (6) days that Randolph has had to get ready.

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