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Splash Bros propel Warriors past Grizzlies, 108-82

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The Grizzlies fell behind early and were never able to mount a comeback to overtake a stronger, less injured Warriors team.

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Since Marc Gasol went down with an injury, almost every Grizzlies game has looked the same. Poor defense and even worse offense have been responsible for this team sinking without Gasol on a nightly basis. It is a great testament to Gasol's value that Memphis has looked so lost on defense and equally as bad at putting the ball through the hoop on the other end. Add the fact that the Grizzlies were missing defensive stalwart Tony Allen and athletic big man Ed Davis, and it's easy to see that the stars were not aligned in favor of the home team.

We need to play with more energy and joy -Dave Joerger

In the first quarter, the Warriors streaked out of the gate faster than a horse at the Kentucky Derby, most notably Klay Thompson. The Splash Bro finished the quarter with 16 points while shooting 7-9 from the field. Without Allen there to run him ragged, Thompson exploited the Grizzlies with ease, getting a multitude of open shots as a result of bad defensive rotations. Quincy Pondexter started in Allen's spot fresh out of the dog house, and he continued his slump on both ends of the floor before leaving the game with what is being called a sprained foot. Every other Warrior was held in relative check in the first quarter, particularly Stephen Curry. Mike Conley did a phenomenal job on him, holding him scoreless in the quarter. No Grizzly did anything of note in the first quarter, as they were held to less than 20 points for yet another quarter.

The Grizzlies outplayed the Warriors in the second quarter, in large part because of Mike Miller's offensive outburst. He had 10 points in the quarter, and he looked like the Miller of old that still had some hop in his step. He was able to get an easy tip in to get his scoring started, then he stepped into two threes in quick succession before closing his scoring with a nice spin move in the lane leading to a finger roll. It was David Lee's turn to carry the Warriors offense in the second quarter, and the Grizzlies made it easy for him. The bigs played too high off the baseline allowing Lee to slip behind them on the baseline, where he received several easy lobs at the basket.

I worry about how many people I will have for practice tomorrow -Dave Joerger

After the brief spell of hope for the Grizzlies that was the second quarter, the Warriors continued their reign of terror in the third. It's near impossible to hold Curry down for four quarters, as the Grizzlies found out quickly after the half. He came out firing, racking up 10 points in the quarter to go along with 3 assists. The other half the 'Bros continued to shoot the ball well, adding 7 points to his tally. No Grizzly scored more than 6 in the third, making it easy to see how the Warriors ran away with this game. The offense continues to stagnate with injuries piling up. Injuries are a legitimate excuse, but if the Grizzlies are to not fall off the cliff, they better figure out how to glue the offense together long enough to get Gasol inserted into the lineup once again.

The Warriors continued to spread the ball around in the fourth quarter, finishing what they started with ease. Cult hero Jon Leuer had a big quarter with 11 points. However, if Leuer is scoring that many points in the fourth quarter, it's probably saying more about the Grizzlies lack of current offensive firepower than anything else.

The player of the game for the Grizzlies was Mike Miller, who finished with 16 points. As for the Warriors, Thompson had the hot hand all night, and he went for 30. The most impressive line of the night has to go to Steph Curry though. The All-Star posted a line of 22 points, 15 assists, and 6 rebounds.

As long as the Grizzlies are depleted by injuries and continue to run around with not semblance of direction on offense, they won't win many games. Really all Grizzlies fans can hope for at this point is for the team's injury fortunes to change and for Gasol to get healthier sooner rather than later. Every loss is disappointing, but with so much of the core group missing, it isn't hard to explain the losses piling up.

The next game is on Monday against Orlando back in the FedEx Forum. Check out the full box score below.

Final - 12.7.2013 1 2 3 4 Total
Golden State Warriors 29 20 28 31 108
Memphis Grizzlies 19 24 17 22 82

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