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Shorthanded Grizzlies Fall Flat to the Warriors

Klay Thompson and Steph Curry scored a combined 52 points as the Warriors demolished the shorthanded Grizzlies.

Where are all my healthy players?!
Where are all my healthy players?!
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Final - 12.7.2013 1 2 3 4 Total
Golden State Warriors 29 20 28 31 108
Memphis Grizzlies 19 24 17 22 82

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Without Marc Gasol, Tony Allen, Ed Davis, and Quincy Pondexter, the Grizzlies are probably no match for any team, and they were certainly no match for the Warriors on Saturday night. Golden State cruised past Memphis 108-82, ending an 11-game losing streak against the Grizzlies.

Klay Thompson took advantage of everyone not having Tony Allen in the game and dropped 30 points on 12-19 shooting. The minute he had even the slightest glimpse of day light, he released the ball, and several times simply went right up over the top of the smaller defenders the Grizzlies were forced to play on him. David Lee and Steph Curry added 23 and 22 points, respectively, to help power the Warriors.

The first quarter was the Klay Thompson show. The Warriors 6'7 shooting guard scored 16 or his 30 in the first quarter, as no Grizzlies defender could do anything to slow him down. The warriors did a fantastic job of setting screens to get Thompson open, and when they couldn't, he made due without it. It was a truly impressive display of scoring talent. After an Andrew Bogut layup, Memphis found themselves down 14, but finished the quarter on a 9-5 run to close the gap, though they were still down 10 after one.

Golden State started the second quarter on a 6-0 run, and Memphis would fail to score a bucket in the first three minutes. But Michael Lloyd Miller (this feels like a more appropriate name for him since his hair cut) regained his shooting stroke that had been missing in recent days, and put the Grizzlies on his tired, aching back to the tune of 10 points in the quarter. The Grizzlies were down a mere four points with 30 seconds left, and had the ball, but like most of the season half, they couldn't do anything noteworthy on offense, surrendered a bucket to the Warriors, and trailed by six at the half.

One minute and eleven seconds into the second half was all the Warriors needed to push their lead back to double-digits, and they really never turned back from there. Memphis, playing the second half without Quincy Pondexter, was outscored 28-17 in the quarter, and 59-39 overall in the second half. They couldn't guard anyone on Golden State, surrendering 50 points in the paint and 8-18 from beyond the arc. It was an ugly, shorthanded performance against a really good team, as the Grizzlies trailed from the opening tip to the merciful final buzzer.

Game Notes from the Legend-wait for it- Diary

  1. Nick Calathes will be run out of Memphis, I'm sure of it. The way I felt/feel about Austin Daye is the way a majority of the fan base feels about Calathes. Last night, he was all alone, set his feet, and left a three-point attempt about four inches short. In a season that's been as frustrating as this one has, people will always find a scape goat, and it looks like it may be Calathes, who doesn't really help his cause when he goes -25 in 23 minutes of game time.
  2. Speaking of woefully pathetic, can someone make Jerryd Bayless some special contacts that makes all opponents jerseys look Celtic green? JB was 0-11 on the night, dropping his 3-point shooting percentage to 20.9% and his overall shooting to 30% on the season.
  3. I don't like playing the Warriors, whether we win or lose. They are such a good team, and my favorite team in the West besides Memphis.
  4. Section 223 is directly responsible for the run to get the Grizzlies back in the game during the first half. Loudly they screamed "D-FENCE!" and it infected the fans throughout the forum. If you were sitting in section 223, or know of anyone who was sitting in section 223, pat them or yourselves on the back. They brought it.
  5. The night before, Golden State got demolished by Houston, thanks in large part to poor shooting performances by Klay Thompson (2-10) and Steph Curry (5-14).  I remember thinking then and there that Memphis would lose this game because guys don't struggle often, much less two nights in a row. The Splash Bro's combined for 54% from the field and 42% from beyond the arc.
  6. If you're looking for a positive to take from this game, there is a secret Chiwawa's upstairs at the forum that serves the best chicken, bacon, ranch quesadilla's you'll ever eat in your life. Go grab some at the next game in section 232, and tell them Keith sent you. It won't get you a discount or anything; I'm just making a chart.
  7. The Grizzlies shot 36% from the floor tonight, and if you take away Mike Miller (7-9) and Jon Leuer (6-11) they were well below 30% for the game.
  8. Dave Joerger must have an incredibly comfy chair. I can count on one hand how many minutes he stood up during the second half.
  9. After the game, my brother and I went to Aldo's, as is our routine for weekend home games. We sat next to a party of 19 people, all celebrating this one lady's birthday. I don't know 18 other people's names, much less would I have the capacity to invite that many people out for pizza. This has literally nothing to do with the game, just wanted to use it to serve as a reminder that it could definitely be worse, Grizzlies fans.

It's tough to beat the Warriors with your squad at full strength, but without two starters and two of our best three bench players, Memphis never really stood a chance in this game. It's another painful home loss, but one that should have been expected. The Grizzlies are still going to have to do a better job of establishing a game plan for the players they have while they wait for people to get healthy.

If they cannot manage to tread water for the next few weeks, there may not be a season to save by the time Marc Gasol arrives. For now though, they remain at home, as they'll face a plucky Magic team in hopes of getting back to .500 on the season.