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Memphis Grizzlies To Work Out Several Wings This Week

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Is this what rock bottom feels like?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

A bevy of injuries to the Grizzlies wing rotation combined with poor play from those who've gone unscathed has forced the front office to look for outside help.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, Memphis will bring in players to work out in the coming week.

Neither of the aforementioned players are game-changers, but this team needs help. Tony Allen, Quincy Pondexter and Tayshaun Prince are hurt while Jerryd Bayless and Nick Calathes' play of late has been borderline bad and uninspiring.

Based solely on need, Darius Morris and Seth Curry both fit because they're solid three-point shooters. In 12 games played with the Philadelphia 76ers this season, Morris shot 41 percent from behind the arc. As for Curry, we know what he's capable of from his days as a Duke Blue Devil. He's also the brother of Stephen Curry and we know shooting runs in that family's veins (Curry should be who is chosen because of this YT video).

Reggie Williams is a bit questionable ashe's another capable three-point shooter (37 percent for his career) and it doesn't hurt to try these players out. But instead of signing a wing, albeit a veteran one, why not emphasize the player development that was spoken of amidst the Lionel Hollins - David Joerger change and give rookie Jamaal Franklin some time on the floor? Williams and Jamaal are similar players. Franklin has shown flashes in the few minutes he's played this season of what he can be, a Tony Allen-esque player whose better on the offensive end, so why not invest time into our future instead of a player who'll likely be released later in the season.

With this information all we can do is wait to see if they'll go about signing someone. The team takes on the Magic tomorrow and the Thunder on Wednesday, so a move could be made (if one is made at all) before they head out to New Orleans for Friday's game.