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Vote for the Greatest Vancouver/Memphis Grizzlies Uniform of All Time: Home Attire

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While the Grizzlies have only been a franchise for just shy of a couple of decades, they are one professional sports team that has undergone some dramatic changes to their look and color scheme. Which will be your favorite of all time?


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Vote for your Favorite: Road Uniform Alternate Uniform

The contest will operate as followed: this is the first of three (3) separate posts that will offer up the collated history of home, away and alternate jerseys for the Grizzlies. The uniform voted as "the greatest" in each of the three respective categories will then enter into a fourth poll that will determine the Greatest Grizzlies Uniform of All Time.

Your first task, GBB:

Which is the greatest home uniform in Grizzlies history?
1995/96 - 1999/00


2000/01 & 2001/02

(only difference is city name change)


2002/03 - 2003/04


2004/05 - 2009/10


2010/11 - Present


See you tomorrow for the next installment of voting: the Road Uniforms!