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Firing of former Grizzlies assistant Barry Hecker explained

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Get ready, folks. This is a really odd one. (h/t to Tom Lorenzo for sending this our way)


Sean Deveney at SportingNews NBA published a piece that explains the bizarre firing of Grizzlies assistant Barry Hecker during Memphis' playoff run last season.

Hecker's dismissal was catalyzed by an instance in Oklahoma City during the second round of the playoffs, but it sounds as though the issues that built the volatile situation had been festering for years.

Without spoiling too much of the reading experience, I will tell you that the interview with Hecker is fairly candid and very revealing. At the very least, you'll have a better understanding of why the Grizzlies FO made a hasty retreat from the services of Lionel Hollins, and why Hollins made some not-so-buddy-buddy comments about Dave Joerger following the Grizzlies' decision to let him walk.

If you're still not interested in giving it a read, I'll leave you with these quotes:

I told Lionel two years ago, I said, ‘Lionel, this (guy) is going to get your job one day if you don't watch yourself,'

- Barry Hecker

I stood up and said to him, ‘Lionel, you don't want to hear the truth. You don't want to know what the hell is going on.' Bottom line is, I said, ‘I am tired of the bull----, I am just going to walk out of here right now.' I never said quit or anything."

- Barry Hecker on his final confrontation with Lionel Hollins