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Report: Rudy Gay Wanted Trade

Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld is reporting that Rudy Gay and the Grizzlies had no choice but to part ways when they did.


Via 3 Shades of Blue: Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld is reporting that Rudy Gay may not have been too upset with being traded from the Grizzlies, and, in fact, may not have liked it in Memphis that much in the first place.

In a section of his article titled "Why the Grizzlies Traded Rudy Gay Now," Kennedy lays out the case that Gay wanted out and so did the Grizzlies.

Grizzlies brass had met with Gay last weekend and the small forward made it clear that he would welcome a trade.

Gay was also tired of hiding his frustration. While players like Mike Conley made it clear that they didn’t want management to make a trade and would be upset to see the team broken up, Gay didn’t seem like he cared what happened before the deadline. If the Grizzlies traded him, that’d be fine with him.

If this report is true, then everything our eyes were telling us was true: Gay was frustrated by the rumors. Of course, the other explanation for his demeanor is that with the loss of his grandmother, Gay had also suffered a pretty major personal loss, and it was easy to understand how that could also have been affecting him.

Kennedy’s report also puts in context some of the things Gay said in the run-up to the trade about whether or not the front office really cared about its players:

"It really doesn’t matter what they think about us," Gay said of Memphis’ front office last week. "It’s all about what’s in the locker room and what we think we can do. It really doesn’t matter what they think."

The whole piece contains more rumors about the contentious relationship between Rudy and Zach Randolph — describing their relationship as "shaky" and the situation as "dysfunctional" — and also says that Gay may not have wanted to sign with Memphis in the first place in 2010, but chose to stay for the money when the Grizzlies offered him a max contract after letting him reach restricted free agency.

An interesting take on the situation. We like to think of the Grizzlies as a cohesive unit from the coach down, and sometimes it doesn’t occur to fans that things may not be rosy behind the scenes. If Kennedy’s report is true, then the Grizzlies didn’t have much choice whether Gay remained for the rest of the season — his time in Memphis was up one way or the other.