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GameThread: Grizzlies vs. Timberwolves

"I have chopped up men smaller than you," says Nikola Pekovic.
"I have chopped up men smaller than you," says Nikola Pekovic.
Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

The Grizzlies are 31-18, and they're coming off a Friday night win at home over the Golden State Warriors that saw them showing signs of a cohesion they haven't had since the Rudy Gay trade. The Timberwolves are 18-29, and have lost 9 out of their last 10 games. In fact, they've won 4 games out of their last 20.

This seems like a game that this years' Grizzlies might have trouble with, honestly. They seem to play down to competition and rely on making one big run to blow the game open. Against a team with Ricky Rubio and Nikola Pekovic, that might not be a good idea.

The questions:

  • Will the Grizzlies get themselves back on track further tonight, capitalizing on Friday night's big win?
  • How many pretty things will Ricky Rubio do with the basketball tonight?
  • Is Kevin Love glad he's hurt so he doesn't have to go up against Zach Randolph?
  • Is there some sort of Timberwolves Injury Curse that Minnesota needed to be told about before the season? Did they accidentally have a team meeting on a Native American burial ground?

Let's talk it out!