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This is Grizzly Bear Blues.

A meditation on what this site is, and why this is the new name. A warm welcome to the Site Formerly Known As Straight Outta Vancouver.

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

So this is the new name.

When I first started contributing to this site, I always wondered why it was still named Straight Outta Vancouver. I thought the blog should have a name that said something about Memphis — or, at least, that referenced the city in some way. I realize not everybody in our community here is from Memphis, and that’s great. We welcome anybody from anywhere, no matter what. But I’m a Memphian. I live in Memphis, and I love my city. I’m proud of this place, warts and all.

And the Grizzlies are a part of that city.

So what’s more Memphis than the blues?

It may seem weird to y’all who aren’t from Memphis or other parts southward. "Singing the blues" might not have the most positive connotation. But if you think the blues isn’t music to dance to — isn’t the music of a ton of people packed into a run-down hole in the wall having a good time together — well, you haven’t been to Beale Street.

And you know who has been to Beale Street? The Memphis Grizzlies. It’s sort of… where they play. At the Grindhouse. You walk out of the FedExForum and out onto Beale Street and what do you hear, win or lose?

You hear the blues.

You hear people having a good time together (if the Grizzlies win) or partying away the pain of a tough loss (if they lose). You hear the music of people getting together and forgetting their troubles for a while. And isn’t that what basketball is, too, for us? I know it is for me.

And so, we’ve got a new name for our site. A name that references the team (the Grizzly Bear part, of course) and one of the things that makes the team’s city great: the blues.

So here we are. Our community is growing by leaps and bounds. We’re making every effort to be the site you go to to see what’s going on with the Grizzlies — but more importantly, we’re building a great community of crazy fans of this basketball team — the team that went from the Hubie Brown and Pau Gasol years (hat tip to Jake Tsakalidis) to lovable losers under Marc Iavaroni to finding a David vs. Goliath identity on the backs of Tony Allen and Zach Randolph (not to mention Shane Battier) in 2011 to Team Grit and Grind in the post-Rudy Gay years from here on out.

This isn’t a new beginning for the site or for our readers; it’s another big step onward and upward.

Welcome to Grizzly Bear Blues. On behalf of all of our contributors, thanks for making this community what it is, and go Grizzlies go.