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Tony Allen motivated by Rudy Gay saying DeMar DeRozan is the 'best SG' he's ever played with


There's nothing I love more than listening to Tony Allen talk shop. He's probably the most honest individual in the NBA. He's never been one to hold back, which is what makes him such a favorite not only among Memphis Grizzlies fans but among any and all NBA fans, in general.

So, today when he sat down with the great Chris Vernon, he opened up and said some highly-quotable, and certainly straightforward things. From Paul Pierce being the best small forward he's ever played alongside, to getting upset with Rudy Gay's post-Memphis statements, to talking about his future in Memphis, to giving all of his teammates the most amazing nicknames imaginable.

Here are a few of the highlights, picked as quoted on Twitter:

I assume they'll have the podcast up shortly over at 92.9, and I certainly think you should take the time to listen to it. Allen is not only a great talent, but he's an exceptional person who loves the city of Memphis and, most importantly, he respects and adores the fans.