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Excerpts from Chris Vernon's interview with Tony Allen


Taking the weekend off for All-Star break, the Memphis Grizzlies' own Tony Allen appeared on the Chris Vernon show and spoke on an array of topics. Here are some excerpts from the interview.

On his offense in February and leading shooting guards in FG% in Feb:

I ain't paid no attention to it. I'm just trying to feed of Marc, Zach, hit the lanes when Mike Conley got the ball on the break, things to that nature. Shoot the open shot when I get it. Not trying to do too much has been helpful for me.

Why Allen's numbers increase when Rudy isn't playing:

Well, I guess you can say I'm better feeding off Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol. Playing that inside-outside basketball, I got accustomed to that I guess.

When he found out Rudy Gay got traded:

I was kind of hurt at first, you know, I was like dang, Rudy gone. That was the first thought that came to my head. Exactly what I said. Then I looked at what was coming and said ah, man, we got a champion coming in.

Tayshaun Prince, he been there, he know what it takes to get there. I can definitely vibe with that dude then. Austin Daye, he got here and showed me some things. I done already saw Ed Davis a couple times. He had a few good games against us. I just looked at what we had coming in. I was just ready to rock and roll.

Chances of getting to the Western Conference finals without Rudy:

Naw, I disagree. I mean, we still have the tools. Like I said, we was one game away from going to the WCF without Rudy, so, thats no knock to him. I'm just saying. We still a good team with that being said. The sky's the limit for us, we still a work in progress, but I still believe we could compete with just about anybody.

Ed Davis:

He's athletic. He's long. He can block shots. He's definitely gonna dunk on you if you get close to that rim. I'm excited to have him.

Tyreke Evans crossover:

[laughs] You ever saw White Man Can't Jump? [Vernon: Yeah, I saw it] Did you hear what Woody told Wesley? [Vernon: What'd he say?] He said you rather look good and lose than play bad and win. See what I'm saying?

Anybody can make a move like that when you down ten and it's 38 seconds left. I mean, you want a little razzle-dazzle. He wasn't comfortable to do that move when it was the first quarter. I know that much...

What's my record against them anyway? Have I ever lost to the Kings? Okay, look that up. Find out my record against the Kings.

If Rudy's gonna give him buckets when they play:

I mean, he's capable. But many have tried and most have failed.

Retiring in Memphis:

Yeah, I thought about that. I thought about that.

I even talk to Zach about it. I tell him, like, yo, we made history in this city, man. We probably could get our jerseys retired if we do something special up here. We might need to go ahead and retire here. If we can do something special this year, make some noise and probably win a championship, I mean that would be big.

I just threw that thought in his head. I love the city like I said. This city has put me on the map.

Rudy Gay saying DeMar DeRozan is the best shooting guard he's ever played with:

Well what's on his resume? What's on his resume that can be the best? I'mma just tell you like this. I guess those lips got a mind of they own. When you say the best, I don't know.

[Rudy is] probably the only one who feels that way. Okay, and what does his resume hold for him to say that. [Vernon: I think he's averaging like 18 points a game.] So that's what the league comes to. Just the points you average. Has he ever played in the playoffs? Has his team ever made it to the playoffs? But he the best? I guess.

That's what the league coming to now. Just highlight dunks, a lot of points scored and lose. He entitled to his own opinion. I know I'm the best at what I do. I'm a defensive stopper. And I play the 2-guard position and I cause havoc.