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Something to Look Forward To

As we head into the second half of the season, we give a brief glimpse of something to look forward to on the new Grizzly Bear Blues.


I’m not one to exaggerate; I would never exaggerate, not in a million, zillion years. That being said, I want to make clear how crazy busy this week was for me. I work in sales, and so tax time is a very long, albeit lucrative season for me. I picked up an extra day of work this week, stayed late each one of those days, and had Fruitty Pebbles for dinner 3 nights this week. (That’s not necessarily a sign of me being busy, I’m just kind of bragging. What did your wives make you eat?) I find tax time be a crazy, weird time. I understand and appreciate getting the money back, but I fail to understand the need and desire most people have to burn through that money in the quickest way possible. But, for people who work in sales and retail like I do, it’s a huge part of our work year. This past week, I worked close to 50 hours, racking up several thousands of dollars in sales. My commission check next week will be about $200. Actually, I should clarify. My commission check next week will be about $200 larger than any check I’ve gotten since June or July of last year. It was an exhausting week, and when it was finally over, I found myself with very little left to sell and very little energy left in my body.

Work related issues weren’t the only things causing me stress. Early on in the week, my iPad starting acting up. I took it to Best Buy to show them the problem, and since I was still well within my warranty and the protection plan, they said they could fix it no problem. I asked if I might get it back that same night, and the guy said probably so, it just depends on what the problem was, and no sooner had those words left his mouth, than did the iPad slide off the counter he was examining it on, crashing to the floor and shattering the screen. “So probably not tonight then?”

Point being, it’s been a long week. Saturday night, I found myself sitting alone on my couch. I was suited down; wearing bright red socks, an oversized T-Shirt from several years ago, and long johns. My feet were singing a hauntingly beautiful chorus of jubilation, thrilled to death to be out of dress shoes and no longer having to support any weight. It was my first true moment of relaxation in a little over a week. I was intent to enjoy it. The All Star Saturday Night festivities were entertaining, in parts, although, if I’m honest, I enjoyed tweeting about it more than I did watching it. My favorite part of the night though, was when 10:30 rolled around and the latest edition of Saturday Night Live came on NBC.

As a semi-quasi-professional comedian, I obviously adore SNL. Last nights episode was lackluster, although anything was better than the Justin Bieber droll they trotted out last week. I always enjoy a good Jay Pharaoh-Stephen A. Smith bit on Weekend Update, and I was pleasantly surprised to see Nasim Pedrad featured in a sketch of her very own, one that was also very funny. (For those of you who don’t personally know me or follow me on twitter, it should be noted I have an incredibly unhealthy obsession with Nasim Pedrad. She’s a goddess, the highest goal I ever hope to obtain. She’s beautiful and hilarious; two of the most important things a woman can be. ((That’s right, ladies, I’m shallow)) There isn’t a single friendship I have in this world that I wouldn’t end without hesitation to be with her. Like I said, incredibly unhealthy.) If I’m being honest though, it could have been one of the worst episodes in the shows history, (you know, like last week with Justin Bieber?) and I still would have really enjoyed it.

Saturday Night Live has become more than just a “weekly” sketch show. In fact, I don’t know if, even in the history of the show, that that’s all its ever been. In the early years, people would gather together by the dozens to watch the new episodes. As the years and cast members changed, and televisions become more abundant, there were no more watch parties, no more big social shin-digs. Today though, in the Twitter revolving world in which we live, #SNL is a big deal on Saturday nights. By the end of the cold opening, it’s the number one trending topic, always. People love talking about the sketches, dissecting the musical performances, endlessly retweeting their favorite lines. We may not be gathering at houses any more, or even sitting down as families together to watch every week, but search for #SNL every Saturday Night, and we are all there, every last one of us. Even when the episode stinks, the Jennifer Lawrence episode comes to mind, I still find enjoyment in the form of Twitter. If I don’t like that week’s musical guest, if the show brutally under utilizes Nasim Pedrad (its like really unhealthy, you guys), even if the host is Kevin Hart, I’ll be sitting in front of my television with my phone, watching and tweeting, every Saturday night.

There’s something to be said for having a show or event to look forward to every week. Whether its SNL, your weekly phone call with your childhood best friend to catch up on his recent adventures and how Comcast is giving him the business, or that time every Friday where you grab a slice of Aldo’s Pizza after a Grizzlies’ game; an every week occurrence is more than just a show or just a phone call, its something you mark on your calendar, something you think about on Wednesday when your boss has had too many onions and too much vinegar in his salad, and you have to go to the bathroom and cry after he talks to you because the stench is so bad, to help get you through your day. (If you’re thinking that example was too specific to have been made up, I applaud you, you are correct)

Here at the new SOV GBB, we’re continuing to make this site, your site, our site, a better overall community. In doing this, we’re going to be adding more than just the typical round up of previews and recaps. Last week, Trisity posted a look at the weekly power rankings. In addition to this, every Monday morning, I’m going to be posting a look at the goings on of other teams and players around the league. We’ll look at interesting stats from our division, standings and box scores from both conferences, and there may even be a few wildcard things thrown in from time to time. (There definitely will be.)

Obviously this week, the only thing going on was All Star weekend, and that has been covered ad nauseam by ESPN, NBA TV, and everyone who doesn’t like Chris Bosh. (Was that the worst All Star Weekend for anyone in NBA history? It’s got to be. Five gold stars to anyone who can show me legitimate evidence of someone who’s ever had a worse All Star Weekend than Chris Bosh this year.) Keep an eye out next Monday for the official first piece in this series, and keep helping us make this one of the fastest growing blogs in all of SBNation. You guys are the best, even MulliGrizz.