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Grizzlies likely to play the role of 'buyers' at the trade deadline


While the Memphis Grizzlies have already made their "big move," if you will, it's likely that they have at least one more -- albeit a small one -- up their sleeve.

According to Steve Kyler, of USA Today, the Grizzlies are likely to dangle one of their trade exceptions in hopes of grabbing a "unwanted roster player." Now, let's not get ahead of ourselves here and expect said player to be J.J. Redick, who would be perfect in Memphis. It's likely a player like, I don't know, C.J. Miles (one-million percent speculation, by the way) would be the target. Redick's price it probably too high.

In the NBA, especially at the trade deadline, you never say never, but as things stand with just a few more days to exchange deal concepts, look for the Grizz to be a team that scoops up an unwanted roster player and the deal will likely involve one of their exceptions and maybe a future 2nd round draft pick, not one of their core players.

And then there's this, from Chris Vernon:

Welcome back, Hamed Haddadi?

Who knows, but do look for the Grizzlies to make some calls, dangle those trade exceptions and fill out that 13th roster spot, which is a must.