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Vernon: Grizzlies making push for J.J. Redick

Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE

According to Twitter sources, the Grizzlies are making a push to acquire J.J. Redick from the Orlando Magic:

Redick has long been mentioned as a guy that the Grizzlies would love to have, and it makes a lot of sense to add him as a shooter. One wonders what that would do to the rotation—surely Tony Wroten would fall out of it. But the Grizzlies have some big trade exceptions to dangle at the Magic, and some second round picks (because draft picks aren’t important, right? Right?!?), including one acquired from Toronto in the recent Rudy Gay deal.

Other teams mentioned in the "2013 J.J. Redick Sweepstakes" have been the Milwaukee Bucks and also the 76ers. The Magic made it clear yesterday that they wanted a good draft pick as part of any deal that saw Redick leave Orlando.

We’ll be on top of any Griz trade stories as they develop, so stay tuned for more. Hopefully the Griz can use that trade exception to bolster the roster for a deep playoff run.