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Ed Davis is in the best Situation of his Career in Memphis

Ed Davis is poised for success in Memphis


Although the league-changing Rudy Gay trade was tough on Ed Davis, Scott Campsall over at Raptors HQ explains why Davis is setting up for maximum success in Memphis.

I wanted to bring this article to the attention of GBB - Scott did a good job with it. The future in Memphis is bright for this guy.


Highlights and Quips:

  • Davis put in a lot of work this past offseason to improve rebounding and overall defense. He also worked closely with Toronto shooting coach John Townsend to improve his jumpshot.
  • The trade was tough on the 22-year-old. Davis had formed bonds with the guys in Toronto and had a close relationship with DeMar DeRozan. They still talk everyday.
  • He's working to transition from a starter to a reserve role behind our two big men, Randolph and Gasol - his minutes have already decreased from 24.2 per game to just 10.9 in Memphis.
  • Randolph and Gasol are emerging as clear, powerful mentors for Davis. They each have remarked how much talent they see in the young big man and are excited to coach him along the way.
Be sure to check out the main article and drop some comments to Scott to share a Grizzlies point of view.

Happy Monday!