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How much of an issue is Zach Randolph's back injury?

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

In a story over at the Commercial Appeal, Zach Randolph was asked about the possibility that his scoring slump might be the result of a lingering back injury -- one that caused him to miss a game some two weeks ago.

And in the most Randolph way possible, Zach responded, "I ain't one to complain... If it was (hurting) I couldn't tell you."

Nothing sums up the Randolph mentality more than that one quote right there. Because the truth is, he's never been one to complain. We never hear him lay the blame on an injury or anything, for that matter -- personal or otherwise.

The truth is, though, Randolph is struggling offensively. In fact, he hasn't scored in double figures in three straight games, scoring a grand total of 20 points in those three contests while shooting 26 percent from the floor. Nope, those aren't All-Star numbers.

Randolph goes on to explain that he just needs to get more aggressive, get better position in the post and better looks. Fair enough. See, no player, really, is immune to struggle. So, if that's all it is, Randolph should be able to snap out of it and get back into being a double-double machine in no time.

It's just, though, the question of how much of an issue is the back, well... The problem is, Randolph won't use it as a crutch. Meaning, we may not know if he's hurting, which can be a bit concerning.

Grizzlies' Zach Randolph offers no excuses for scoring funk - The Commercial Appeal