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GameThread: Grizzlies @ Hawks

Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

Hopefully tonight will flush the sour taste of last night's 96-90 loss to the Phoenix Suns right out of our mouths.

  • Is Ivan Johnson going to eat a Grizzlies player tonight? We can already assume he's going to threaten to.
  • Will whatever happened to Marc Gasol and Darrell Arthur and Mike Conley last night really be over tonight, or will it carry over into tonight and make them terrible again?
  • Is Zach Randolph going to get the ball, or are we going to run a Jerryd Bayless/Darrell Arthur high pick and roll for the entire 4th quarter again?
  • What awesome thing is Tayshaun Prince going to do that will make us appreciate the fact that he's now playing for the boys in Beale Street Blue?
Let's talk it out! Lionel Hollins thinks this GameThread is unnecessary and he'd rather play Xavier Henry than Tony Allen.